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Interview with Darren from LS2 Design

Darren Tung has been in interior design since 2015, this year being his 6th year. Being a purist, minimalist designs can be seen in most of his works. Darren has a rich experience with apartments, shop houses, heritage-buildings to construction works.

What is your design philosophy?

My design philosophy is simple, creating great homes. I believe that every home is different, therefore my designs are never the same. Every home have their own elements, colours and most importantly the connection it provides to each home.

How do you start your design process?

To come up with with the idea of the design, I will gather information from home owners. Information like their hobbies, occupations and items they like. This will set the tone during our brainstorming sessions.

What is your favorite step of the design process?

My favorite part of the design process is mapping the ideas into the design and experimenting with colours. Very often, the most difficult part of the entire design process is the colour selection. It defines how well the end product will turn out.

Image by LS2 Design via LS2 Design

What are you currently reading?

It ranges from design magazines, biographies to interior design publications. Reading expose me to a wide range of ideas, and of course my inspirations. For example, "Figures of speech' by Virgil Abloh. The elements of designs does not necessary be limited to a particular industry, how designs are created and the story behind every works.

What is good design to you?

Good design is all about serving the needs and fulfilling the requirements set forth by my clients. It has to serve the purpose and being functional at the same time. It's never about the colours, looks and details because everyone has a different perception. A good design is timeless and becomes a story on it's own.

How about some tips for new home owners?

The designer, layout and quality.

The designer is the first point of contact and his portfolios are what attracts the home owners. The designer will be spending weeks and months with you. You must like the designer's portfolio and how he does his works.

Layout of the house is often neglected, but it is the most important details of your home planning. It determines how you will live in your space and the daily use of the different areas in your home.

Last but not least, the quality of the finish products are important too as you do not want to have defects or issues after move in. They have to last a long time.

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