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Interview with Designers Evelyn & Yi Shiuan from Albedo Design

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About Albedo Design

ALBEDO DESIGN is a One-stop Interior Design and Renovation services provider. It is made up from a team of professional and experienced Engineers, Designers, and 3D modelers with a strong background in interior design to provide the clients a tailored-made integrated solution.

Each design is developed in a serious and differentiated way, according to excellent parameters, standards and optimum quality required for each project.

What inspired you to take on the role of an interior designer?

Evelyn: My father owns a construction company, so I would often follow him to sites when I was young. Perhaps that’s a big reason why I wanted to be an interior designer. Apart from that, also when I was young, I liked to play around with the space in my room, rearranging the furniture, so that also played a part in influencing my path. When I reached 17 years old, I decided to pursue a career in it.

Yi Shiuan: I already knew what I wanted to do since I was in high school. My sister studied architecture, so that kind of influenced my choice in studying interior design too.

Image by Albedo Design via Albedo Design

What are the principles that you follow during your projects?

Evelyn: In the first place, functionality of the design itself has to be taken seriously. If you plan to do something that has no capability of function at all, then it may not work out, even if it is all aesthetics. No matter how you plan your design, whichever path you take, it all sticks to how the design functions. Especially in Singapore, where most houses are limited in space, so how you plan to save and make full use of the space while still allowing full functionality is important.

How does loose furniture create the essence of space?

Evelyn: It depends on the theme. Some styles allow for more items to be implemented while other styles don’t.  We have to think of how we can get the furniture to link with our designs, how we can match the colours, and how we can create the wow factor.

Image by Albedo Design via Albedo Design

Where do you get the inspiration for your designs from?

Evelyn & Yi Shuan: Projects by other interior designers, Pinterest, Behance, different sources from the internet. When you travel, you’ll get many ideas from the various architectural projects around the world as well.

How important is communication in an interior design process?

Evelyn: Communication is present every step of the way. When a client approaches us, we will try to understand their needs, after which we will go into the design. After space planning and coming out with the design, we will confirm the themes and colours. In the background, we also have our workers. We will have a meeting after everything is confirmed, going through every single detail, be it hacking days or any timetable. Any misstep and suddenly someone has to go back to the site on another day. Communication is key throughout the process.

Image by Albedo Design via Albedo Design

Which design style is your favourite?

Evelyn: I have no particular style that I like. When you have a preference, then when you need to take on other styles, you’ll sort of be biased and have that inner conflict. As designers, we have to accept every style. They each have their own beauty, so we cannot be fixated on just one style and not understand the rest.

Yi Shiuan: I have no favourites, only styles that are my strengths and weaknesses. For me, my strong suit is the modern theme. However, even being strong in one style is not enough, because now there are many fused designs. So we still have to understand all styles and even if we’re not strong in it, we have to at least understand the concept to be able to bring it to our clients.

Image by Albedo Design via Albedo Design

What are some moments where your homeowner has done something for you that was memorable?

Evelyn: Most of the time, we have a handful of projects at the same time, so sometimes when we’re unable to present the drawings to clients, they are okay to schedule another day for it, and that’s the most touching thing to me, because their understanding is very important to us.

What advice would you give fresh or aspiring interior designers?

Evelyn: Patience is a must. Besides that, communication, knowledge on designs, understanding of themes. You need to know what you are presenting so your homeowners will understand what you are presenting. You also need to be aware of the functionality and aesthetics of your design, how you can attach them together to make your design outstanding.

Yi Shiuan: Never forget why you wanted to be an interior designer in the first place. There will always be times when you feel like giving up, and the truth is being an interior designer is something that is going to tire you out, but always remember what made you start in the first place, remember your passion and hold on to it. Keep yourself motivated and keep moving forward.

Image by Albedo Design via Albedo Design

Any tips for homeowners?

Evelyn: It would be good for homeowners to know and separate the concepts of “Needs” and “Wants”. This could really help them with their budgeting, especially.

Yi Shiuan: Homeowners should be very open on whatever ideas and designs they want.

What is the future you have planned for yourself?

Evelyn: In about 8-10 years, I’d like to have my own firm. As of now, I want to continue growing my skills and prepare for this plan.

Yi Shiuan: I want to improve myself and do better, so I’d like to carry on with projects, receive feedback from clients, then move forward from there.

Image by Albedo Design via Albedo Design


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