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Interview with Director Terence from Premium Artz

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About Terence

My name is Terence, I am the director of the company. Premium Artz has been around for 6 years, as we’ve started in 2015. We provide interior design services mainly for residential spaces. As for myself, I have around 10 years of experience in this industry. We have a team of experienced designers to handle our clients requirements, and a drafter that is in charge of the design mockups and 3D images.

How has the experience been so far as a designer and a director?

I am not a director that sits back and relaxes in the office. I do take on projects as well, manage on my own. It is really rewarding in the entire experience. I came into this industry with the help of my brother-in-law, who is also in the line of work, but he’s doing more towards landed properties and construction. After getting smaller scopes of work, I picked up the interest. Seeing the transformation of a normal house into a client’s dream home is very fulfilling. Our job is to solve problems, to be able to convert an existing house into a space that suits their needs. Project after project, time went by fast and I slowly branched out to have my own company, Premium Artz.

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What is the key principle that you follow as an interior designer?

Be sincere in your approach. We here at Premium Artz also believe that there’s no such thing as a hidden cost. Design wise, it has to suit the owner. It doesn’t matter what we say, it’s how we are able to blend your thoughts and our expertise together to convert this place into something that speaks about you.

Where does the inspiration for your designs come from?

Through magazines such as Home Decor and Square Rooms. In this day and age, I don’t think it’s difficult to get design ideas. Even by walking out on the street, going into places like shops, by observing what they have and being curious about how the design is done, you will be able to find inspiration.

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How should homeowners go about choosing their furniture?

It really depends on the individual. We’ve met some owners that want to customize everything, because they’ve thought about it and planned it out, they know the amount of storages that they want to have. We also have homeowners that really like flexibility. One moment they want the TV console to be on the right side, and later on they want to change the orientation because of various reasons. There’s no right or wrong way, it’s what suits them that matters. However, we will have to factor in the prices and space too. Sometimes space may be limited, so buying off the shelf is not recommended, and instead customisation might be the way to go.

How crucial is communication as an interior designer?

Communication is key. If you don’t communicate, things won’t get done. Always communicate, always feedback, always discuss. Update them, be it progress, delays, or problems. Never keep your clients waiting. On the other hand, anything that the designer has missed out, the homeowner can also tell us immediately, for an immediate rectification. This all helps owners to have a peace of mind when we handle their projects.

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How would you go about choosing the furniture for your homeowner?

If you’re talking about loose furniture, I would go to various shops, match up the design concept, take a few pictures of different combinations and choices, then present them to my homeowners. This is one part where we can really help the homeowner save the hassle of running around sourcing.

What are some moments where a homeowner has done something for you that was memorable?

Quite a couple of owners invited me to their wedding dinner. Some invited me to their place for dinner and cooked for me as well. It’s really heartwarming. A simple “thank you” would have been enough, but they went the extra mile to ask me what kind of food I like to eat, after which preparing said food for me, that is just touching. Some owners and I, we keep in touch after the project, and it becomes a friendship, meeting for a drink or a meal here and there. Some owners will also keep referring customers to us, which we are really grateful for. We really appreciate all these gestures of appreciation from them.

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Are breaks necessary?

When you have the opportunity to take a break, take it. You’ll never know when the next busy period is going to come. Even short breaks, to the point of just sitting in your chair and relaxing, are worth taking. Normally, I will do some reading, do some online shopping, exercise, which helps me to relax and relieve stress.

What advice would you give fresh or aspiring interior designers?

They have to know what they want to achieve. In every discipline, in every trade you go, you have to know what you want. Whether it's the right trade for you, if you are prepared to make sacrifices, whether you are prepared to put in the hard work to succeed. These are all points to think about. It’s the same principle everywhere, if you don’t work hard, you won’t get anywhere, and if you work hard, it does not mean you will get there for sure, but at least there’s a chance and you know you tried.

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Any tips for homeowners?

Always prepare in advance. Scout around for an interior designer that suits you. Get a quote, check on the feedback and reviews of the company before engaging. Take a look at their previous projects to know what you’re getting. Start all these early as you will need time to evaluate.

What is the future you have planned for yourself and Premium Artz?

We are recruiting more designers to bring more value to the clients. There are many thoughts and plans but as a start, I think expanding with more designers is good to cope with the increasing number of enquiries. Along with this, we’d like to deliver more quality services to our clients as well.

Image by Premium Artz via Premium Artz.


Terence (Director)

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