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Interview with Lydia Kong from IB Interior

Lydia is the Chief Designer at IB Interior.

What determined your passion for design? Tell us about the moment when you decided this is the way to go.

Since young, I love art and especially drawing. Interior design allowed me to transform my drawings into something tangible.


Everything started when I was 12. I was randomly flipping through an interior design magazine and was intrigued by how the designs “come to life”. I thought how great it would be to create aesthetically beautiful and comfortable homes. This prompted me to subscribe to interior design magazines and my interest grew from there. I slowly embarked on my journey to becoming an interior designer.

Image by Lydia Kong via IB Interior

What's your favorite interior design magazine and why?

Architectural Digest,  AD usually presents the best works of architecture and interior design. They explore themes like culture, travel, and shopping.

Image by Lydia Kong via IB Interior

What is your design philosophy?

Timeless interior, design made to last.

What inspire you in destining your project?

When we talk about themes & concept, we’re usually talking about the various elements that make up a recurring look within your designs. For example, you have a theme that’s “Scandinavian.” You likely be using a lot of the same elements: natural materials, such as leather, wood or hemp. To summarize, a theme ties all the pages together.

Image by Lydia Kong via IB Interior

What advice do you have for customers in interior design?

Trust your designer/design team. You hire us to take you out of your comfort zone, so let us do our thing! My best projects are the ones where a client offers up complete trust. Magic always happens. I promise you!

Image by Lydia Kong via IB Interior

Share something you would like the world to know about you or your ideas?

Design is a process, similar to editing. When you start with a general concept, then hone it close to perfection within a given deadline. Achieving perfect balance is what makes me passionate about interior design. Balance in design is achieved when a designer solved the problems put forth in a client brief using an easy to understand and uncluttered visual solution.

Lydia Kong (Chief Designer)


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All Images: Chuan Park Condo Project by Lydia Kong