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Interview with Mr Eloycois Er and Mr Hans Chua from Er Studio Interior Architecture.

How do you guys find inspiration for design projects?

Travelling, more inclined to overseas hotels, interior magazines and biographies, Capturing images through memories, using photographic memories.


Image by Er Studio via Er Studio Interior Architecture

What do you find most challenging about the design process?

The importance of alignment, having holistic approach, infrastructure and precision engineering.

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Do you welcome client's opinions?

Definitely. Client's opinions are always welcomed. It's important to establish the mutual trust.

How do you design small spaces?

Playing with lights to illuminate spaces. To create a systematic ambience so it does not look cluttered.


As an Interior Designer, what are some questions you ask the clients?

Lifestyle, concept and their needs at home. The size of furniture and functions of rooms.

What is your design motto?

Truly belief that everybody deserves well designed space. good design will transcends over time. Space ages gracefully.

Image by Er Studio via Er Studio Interior Architecture

Any tips for new home owners?

Communication is the key. Be realistic to budgets and needs. To be open to more ideas.


Mr Eloycois Er / Mr Hans Chua

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