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Interview with Project Director Aaron from Artsy Edge Interior

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About Aaron

I’ve been in this industry for 10 years and started my carpentry workshop 3 years ago. I’ve been expanding since then and now I have my second workshop. From young, I’ve always enjoyed architecture, interior design, and looking at buildings like hotels. Over the years, I’ve built up on my knowledge of interior design and also fell in love with it.

What is one key principle of design that you follow throughout your projects?

Design is very subjective, so during the initial enquiry, we try to go with what the client wants. What I like may not be what they like, as every owner has their own theme. I prefer timeless designs, because I don't want my client to regret the design after a few years. I also prefer more earth tone, monotone, and natural colours, as these will never expire. I will still go with bright colours if the situation calls for it, if the theme needs it, or especially if there are kids in the house, because children need bright colours for visual engagement and development. In that case, my advice is to play around with soft furnishings, like curtains, cushions, paint, things that can be easily changed. Some clients would still prefer bright colours on carpentry, so that’s where I’ll come in and try to blend it with the design so it will match. This is our job as designers, to advise, and to make things work to the client’s satisfaction.

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Where do you get the inspiration for your designs from?

I have no main source of inspiration, it can be from anyone and anywhere. However, one of the things that inspire me is clean cuts. I like the zen style of Japan houses, the clean and neat look.

How does loose furniture create the essence of space?

Some loose furniture are like antiques, or heirlooms. These items are able to pop out from other designs. What designers can do is to design the fixtures, and let the loose furniture act as centrepieces. Sometimes when the living room is filled with loose furniture, that’s when you are able to be more flexible and move things around, which is the fun part.

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How important is communication in an interior design process?

It is the most important thing from the start till the end. Many things get messed up because there was no communication. I always tell my team, the first thing you have to do is to understand what your client wants and write everything down, every single detail so you don’t miss anything later on. Always ensure, never assume. The reason for communication breakdown is always because there was no communication, or minimal communication. That’s why it is the most crucial part in a renovation process and even during the design phase.

Do you think accompanying your homeowner to shop for furniture is going the extra mile for them?

That is part and parcel of the job. We are here to help them, as they might not have the ideas and the suitable design sense. So even with shopping with loose furniture, it’s really important that we help them. Going the extra mile would be doing stuff that is out of the job scope, like helping them to move things and relocate items.

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What are some moments where a homeowner has done something for you that was memorable?

We had some clients who would give red packets. Some owners will also buy lunch for my workers. These are the small gestures that make us feel very touched. Even a simple thank you reply after we’ve sent them progress pictures means a lot to us, because that’s quite uncommon. I’ve also had many clients who are referring our services to others, and it’s amazing how they’re sharing with their hearts, especially when they’re getting no benefits from it. It’s very heartwarming.

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What advice would you give fresh or aspiring interior designers?

Firstly, be very clear minded and responsible. I’ve seen many cases whereby the sale is done just for the sake of it, and there is no coordination at all, which causes everybody else to suffer. Next, be willing to learn and upgrade yourself. Lastly, be able to deliver what you have promised. Don’t let people lose faith and trust in you.

Any tips for new homeowners?

They must sit down and discuss their wants and needs. If pricing is a concern, focus on the needs first. As for looking for interior design firms, go to a few and compare. Other than pricing, they also need to compare how experienced the designer is or whether they can feel the sincerity, the knowledge, and the responsiveness of them.

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What is the future you have planned for yourself and Artsy Edge Interior?

What I would like to achieve in the future, what I’ve been wanting to achieve all along, is when people talk about Artsy Edge Interior, they’ll talk about the service, quality, trustworthiness and integrity. Reputation is the most important part, as it is a people business. As the leader of the company, not only are you doing it for yourself, you are doing it for the team, the company, and your clients as well. If you put your heart into helping people, they will see the sincerity. That is why I want to help my sales team achieve what they want. In the future, I’d also like to expand my sales team. I want my company name to be out there, and once people see Artsy Edge Interior, they will know instantly that this is the company that they can trust.

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