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Interview with Senior Design Consultant Zhi Qi from Elpis Interior Design

About Senior Design Consultant Zhi Qi

I am a Senior Design Consultant in Elpis Interior Design. I have been in this industry for around 10 years. I started studying interior design in Singapore Polytechnic, after which I went on to Laselle to take my interior design degree.


What inspired you to be an interior designer?

I have always been interested in all things architectural. I also love to draw. Everybody likes things that are pleasing to the eye. I specifically enjoy the process, from drawing all the way to bringing that drawing to life, and after that, seeing how people experience the space completes the package of satisfaction.

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Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence, these are the three principles that Elpis Interior Design follow, could you elaborate on how these principles are applied during an interior design process?

We don’t just apply these principles to designing, it's also for our contractors, how we help them understand our design details and also understand how our homeowners are going to use their space, that’s how important teamwork is. From there, we can then help them improve their lifestyle, but we also have to be honest to our homeowners in terms of what we can and cannot do for them. We always seek excellence in the initial step of the design details, then our contractors can carry on that excellence through the design, by achieving the workmanship that is expected of us, not just in terms of aesthetics, but functionality as well.

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What makes the journey between concept to creation fulfilling?

Improving my homeowners’ lifestyles, meeting their needs, and meeting their budgets.


What do you think separates built-in furniture from loose furniture?

I consider built-in furniture to be primary items, and loose furniture to be secondary items. Loose furniture can be more flexible in a sense that maybe after five or even ten years they can be changed and still fit in with the theme of the built-in furniture.

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What is most important when shopping for ceiling fans?

We have to be clear about the ceiling type. The thing about ceiling fans is that there are a whole lot of sizes and designs. So we have to advise our clients about the dimensions and the space allowed and the type of ceiling, especially after lightings are installed as well. If the ceiling fan is too close to the cove light, there will be flickering present, which will make the home environment uncomfortable. So we would advise our clients to go down to the shop to look at the ceiling fans and feel the wind and get the right dimension which is very important. It could look nice but not function to their needs, which they will then regret after installing. So we have to help them, to give them the best choices and let them know which ceiling fan is the most suitable for their house concept.


What are some examples of you going the extra mile for your homeowner?

Helping homeowners to source for light designs during the 3d stage, assisting them with light fitting, accompanying them to look at bathroom accessories and furnitures to match their design concept.

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What are some moments where a homeowner has done something for you that are memorable?

Invitations to their housewarming parties are always memorable, even though I might be a little shy during the events, because I don’t really know most people there, but I still feel a sense of pride being there. It’s also heartwarming when our homeowners would buy us lunch whenever we’re on site helping out with coordination. Our customers will also refer their friends to us, which is always nice to know that they would do that for us.


How do you take a break?

I like to spend time with my family during my breaks, but I still have to keep a lookout for work related stuff that might pop up. Even when we’re on break, we have to stay alert for phone calls and text messages in case of site related updates or issues, or if clients have something urgent to ask us, so we could still answer them as soon as possible, especially when we’re on a holiday break, we always try to find a time to respond to them. But they are understanding, which I’m grateful for, we just have to let them know that we’re on holiday, and we’ll try to reply to them as soon as possible. However, it's important to let them know that you’ll respond, instead of just going missing and uncontactable.

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Any advice you would like to give fresh or aspiring interior designers?

Never give up. You’ll definitely experience the highs and the lows in this industry, but believe in yourself. If you have the passion for it, you can always do it.


Any tips for homeowners?

Before looking for interior designers, be absolutely clear on how you want your house to look like. Design is very subjective, and everybody has their own style or preference, so you have to be very clear about the design and your budget as well, how much you’re willing to spend on the design that you have in mind.

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